5 Ways to Wear a Jumper

Jumpers are a fun and easy way to look stylish and carefree at the same time. It’s no wonder they are all the rage in any season. Here are five different ways to wear the same jumper but create a completely different look.

With a White T

Layering a shirt under a jumper or dress is hardly a new fad. But it’s amazing how you can really change an outfits look with something this simple.

With a Colored Long Sleeve

Adding a colored long sleeve can really draw the attention to any simple detail on the jumper. For instance, here it allows the buttons to pop whereas before they could have faded into the background.

With a Tunic

Add a bit of flare and girly attitude with a long tunic. This lengthens out your body and adds a separate dimension to the look.


Who doesn’t love wearing a jumper just as it is meant to be worn? Keeping it simple allows you to play with more accessories like jewelry to really bring the look alive.

With a Flowy Shawl

Flowy always makes you feel carefree and boho chic. A flowy shawl does nothing different but it adds a layer of empowerment and confidence to again completely change the look of your jumper.


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