When your broke your probably thinking that travel is impossible for you. Instead you spend hours on Pinterest and Instagram looking in envy at all the people traveling. But travel doesn’t have to be a bank breaker. With some money priorities and frugal tricks, you can have the trip of a lifetime, without needing to declare bankruptcy. 

Stop Spending Your Money on Things

Most people who travel full time don’t own a lot and don’t buy a lot of material objects. That’s because once you start traveling, you start seeing how much further you can get with your money in other countries. As you gain more experiences things start to mean less and less. As you start traveling more and more you will realize you can’t have too many things or it will become cumbersome. Eventually you en up with high quality essentials and thats it really.

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Use Credit Card Points

Credit Cards can be a big problem for a lot of people. But if you use credit cards in a smart way you can get a lot of use out of them without going into debt. Having a single credit card that you can use that gives you great rewards points can be a great way to get free trips! Free hotels, airplanes even cruises can all be bought with credit card points. The trick is to only buy things you normally would like groceries and gas. Do not use credit cards to finance or lease big purchase items. Instead take the money from your bank that you would have spent on groceries and pay off the balance of the groceries bill on your account. This way you only spend what you have and never more, and all the while you are earning free points towards an amazing vacation! 

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Find Awesome Deals

We don’t travel when things are expensive. Hence why we travel during most places off-season. Not only are there less people, things also tend to be much cheaper. Using sites like Skiplagged, Scott’scheapflights, Skyscanner and Travelzoo (to name a few); help insure that we get the best deals, so our money can go more to our experiences, once in the country, rather than getting there. Honestly travel now and days has become more affordable than ever. So things like a round trip flight to Thailand for under $400 really do exist! Thats the cost of flying across the county in America.

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Pack Light

Airlines have become more affordable than ever. But, because of this, they have started to charge an arm and a leg for literally everything! So only having one carry on can really save you in the long run. Especially when you are traveling to multiple places on your trip. A lot of airlines only allow 7kilos about 18pounds per carry on. Keep this in mind as you pack or you could have some hefty fees added on unexpectedly during your travels. Using just a backpack and another small carry on can alleviate any of this worry.

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Eat Local Food

Most countries, besides Europe, are much cheaper than the US. You will find in touristy places anywhere in the world, that the food prices are much higher. If your looking to save a little then eat where and what the locals eat. This way you can experience more of the culture and save money. It’s a win win.

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Use Public Transit

Getting from one point to another in a city can be one of the most financially draining things you do. To lessen the blow, opt for public transit instead of taxis. Most places have buses and trains and they are much cheaper. If you have to use a taxi use apps like Grab and Uber instead.

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Stay at Hostels and Air BnB’s

Most hotels can cost a fortune just for a place to lay your head at night. When you on vacation you hardly even spend anytime in the room anyways except to rest, so whats the point in paying all that money for something you never use? Hostels are usually shared dorm style rooms and a lot cheaper when you are traveling alone. I suggest looking at Air BnB if you are traveling as a couple or with more people, those hostel prices are per person and can really add up.

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Work While You Travel

If money is so tight you wouldn’t even be able to spare a dime towards traveling then working while you travel is a great choice. I know what your thinking working while traveling sounds like the worst. But honestly it can be amazingly rewarding and/or simple. Things lie house sitting for someone while they are away allows you to get free housing and sometimes extra cash on the side and still be able to enjoy your trip. Other option include woofing where you work in exchange for housing and food. You are usually left with an amazing experience with locals and loads of international friends who are doing the same thing as you.

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So if you think money is the only thing holding you back from a trip of a lifetime, think again. By applying some savy tricks you could be flying around the world with little to no expense.